Sophia H.

I couldn't handle my mid-life crisis. It blew out of proportion and I got caught in a web of demons I couldn't handle. Consuming alcohol was first just a way to take my mind off the endless responsibilities. I would spend my days smoking up and nights drinking like a crazy person.

Joining a support group wasn't my own decision. My family gave me an ultimatum — get help or go. That stung like hell, but I did it. I hated it in the beginning. I was a hopeless alcoholic and I wanted to remain like that. But attending all those meetings and listening to other people's stories induced a sense of responsibility in me. I realized that the path I chose, the choices I made, all reflected on my actions, but I would not let them define me for the rest of my life.

I'm a recovering addict who has now started a new life. I want to own my own business, build something up, and know the real joy of working long and hard for something you love. One of my dreams is to build a community that is empowered to overcome their pain and help themselves through love and support.

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