Samantha K.

I hid candies in places my kids couldn't reach. At times I would hide in the washroom and have two or three cans of soda. My daily calorie intake exceeded 3000 calories. Yet I would sneak out of my bed in the middle of night and keep munching on sugar cookies till I would be so full that I'd feel nauseous.

For some reason, eating delicious (read: unhealthy) food became the sole purpose of my life. I would have breakfast and then several snacks till lunch and the same followed through till dinner. Everything in between was done to kill time so I could get my hands on the next meal.

Eventually I turned into a whooping 250 pounds giant lady at the age of 27. Every time I would visit my doctor, he would tell me of a new problem that my body was developing and the sole reason behind it would be my ever increasing weight. But I didn't know how to stop. I couldn't do it all on my own. So I looked for help and found the best support group. Everyone over there gave each other a boost to be better. Cravings attacked even then, but I attacked back.

With meetings and building a network, I became stronger than the cravings. I have already lost 66 pounds in one year and am on the path to lose more! Clean living, cutting out the junk foods – is it tough? Yes. But is it worth it? Definitely! There is HOPE!

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