Megan P.

I got fired for showing up drunk at work. I still remember how ecstatic I felt when I landed the job, yet there I was, packing my stuff from the desk as my colleagues made awkward stares. I fell into that hole — from being favored to becoming my own worst enemy.

I was ambitious and wanted to achieve so much in my life, yet here I was, at the brink of losing everything. My last reliable lifeline — my self-esteem — was getting killed at the hands of drugs and alcohol. But something sparked in me. I picked up the phone, and instead of calling my dealer, I called for help. One moment of strength saved me from a lifetime of misery.

My initial recovery was the hardest. The urges were so strong that I just wanted to give up. But I knew that one sip and these urges would become 10x more intense. So now I am extra alert for warning signs to avoid any disaster. I'm also building a local business. I haven't felt so proud of myself in years. I deserve not to drink and not to use — and this is the most precious gift I can give myself.

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