Matthew O.

I lost everything — friends, family, a home.

When casual drug use turned into a daily habit, my life fell apart. By sixteen I was addicted to heroin and often sleeping on the streets. The drugs reinforced bad behaviors and sent me spiraling out of control.

But when I hit rock bottom, something stirred within me. I was tired of that hopeless feeling. I realized that I wanted to get better. And I realized that I had the power within me to change. I knew it wouldn't be easy. But I also knew that numbing my pain through drugs was no longer an option

Now I go out for a run, meet a friend or listen to music to keep myself busy in healthy ways. But more importantly, my self-esteem is growing every day. I'm no longer ashamed of my flaws and weaknesses. I am eager, motivated and ready for the rest of my life to begin.

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