Louise F.

I never thought I'd become a slave to prescription drugs.

At first, when I didn't take my medicine, I'd feel anxious. I couldn't sleep, and became cranky and moody. Soon I was swearing and lashing out at people. But I thought it was "okay" because they were prescription drugs, not street drugs. I went so far in my craziness that I began stealing from the drug store, as my supply was never enough for me.

Shame. Agony. Depression — I felt them all. It was the darkest time of my life. I would cry for hours, then pop a pill and fall assleep on the kitchen floor like a hopeless addict. God knows my addiction would have taken my life had my friend not taken me to her therapist.

Recovery was no cakewalk. There were so many temptations, but my therapist helped me develop a strategy that changed my life – alternative medicine. I've come to know a spiritual side of me that I can't express enough gratitude for. I am now writing a book to share knowledge and power of alternative therapies and natural healing.

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