Ethan M.

I ran away from my home and slept in subway stations for days at a stretch. I became a full-time junkie until I saw my sister get on the metro. The horrid look in her eyes reminded me of the kind of monster I had become. That's what happens when you give drugs power over you. They kill the soul in you and turn you into someone you never knew.

I'd tell myself that I can't fathom going through the physical withdrawals and that I'd have to keep popping those pills. I thought I was alone in this battle. Shame, agony, pain, and regret — I felt everything all at the same time. I couldn't go back home, not like that. But seeing my sister reminded me of how badly I missed being home. I had no place to be.

So as my last resort, I went to the rehab. And that was the turning point of my addiction. The whole course of rehab revolved around substituting my bad habits with healthy ones. A healthy habit as little as bathing, helps in recovery. I practiced mental exercises to improve my brain function to fight against constant urges.

I have been clean for 6 months now and my withdrawal symptoms are still pretty bad. But I'm never going down that filthy road again. I plan to stay clean for myself, forever!

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