Christopher J.

I was a lonely, anxious workaholic before I became addicted to drugs. When I found opiates, I felt like I found my soulmate, in some weird twisted way. It relaxed me, but it also gave me the confidence to be more social. But when I went to sniffing heroin, my world really started moving in uncomfortable directions.

My addiction drove away everything that was dear to me — my work, my ambitions, and my interest in being healthy and physically fit. Until one day I decided, NO MORE. I dragged myself to the rehab center the very next day. And this one step turned my life around.

I learned how to identify my triggers, and then to practice alternative behavioral responses to those triggers. I had specialized sessions for stress management and learned different coping techniques to resolve issues in a controlled manner. Rehab really changed my life for the better.

I have now been clean for 3 years. Inspiration is flowing through every cell in my body and I am continuously developing new strategies to prepare for these battles, because in the end, I'm winning the war on addiction.

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