Carter W.

I didn't eat for 2 straight days. I didn't even realize until I fainted on the roadside and was taken to the hospital that I was an alcoholic. I still remember the nurse's words as she explained my condition to the doctor. That's when I realized, I had been living on alcohol for so long that I even forgot to eat.

When they removed the IV, they handed me pamphlets to some rehab facility, "Try this if you want to live", the doctor told me. Now the question was – did I want to live?

Yes! I didn't choose to become an addict, as it was an outcome of my depression and anxiety – but I chose to get sober. And that's where my recovery started – a simple promise to myself and a hand of help.

I went to meetings, read the recovery literature, practiced these Wellgorithms, and stayed connected with people in my program. My withdrawal symptoms were the worst; physical discomfort, irritability, anxiety – but I showed resilience and gradually became wary of my triggers.

For me, my recovery is the number one priority in my life. I know that if I give anything else more importance than my recovery, I will risk losing my greatest gift — being sober.

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