Take your mental health and wellbeing to new levels with our INNERCOSMOS foundations course.


The roots of INNERCOSMOS

your body

INNERCOSMOS starts with your body. You’ll learn how to harness the power of the body as a gateway to the world of virtual reality sensations. You’ll explore some of the key recent discoveries of somatic psychology and mind-body science, and learn how to apply them as you build your first virtual mind garden. 

your brain

Your brain is a prediction machine. Prediction isn’t something that your brain does every now and then. It is an intrinsic property that never stops, and it serves an essential role in learning. You’ll learn how the new science of Affective Forecasting is fundamentally transforming the field of mental health and wellbeing, and how this will shape your first garden..


The seeds of INNERCOSMOS

your intentions

Since the 1960s, with the rise of the human potential movement and more recent works of self help, we’ve become aware of the “Power of Intention” to shape our wellbeing. The latest neuroscience and quantum physics are adding deeper insights and stronger foundations, and showing us how to sow the seeds of wellbeing with a new generation of intentional practices. 

your responsibilities

One of the key insights of mind gardening is that for it to work, you need to get in there every day to dig, water, weed, prune, mulch, and fertilize. Nature does a lot for you, but also asks a lot. In this module, we’ll cover goal setting, accountability, feedback loops, mood meters, assessments and metrics, and taking charge of your own (inner)GPS. 


The sprouts of INNERCOSMOS

your hopes

If one word captures the crisis of our times, many would say it is “hopeless.” More people than ever have fallen into cynicism and despair, and have lost their faith in new possibilities. Here we’ll cover the importance of hope to your mental health and how to keep those seeds sprouting, no matter the stormy weather. Sprouting, you’ll discover, is one of the secrets to INNERCOSMOS

your uniqueness

Neuroscientists are finding that you have a unique signature pattern of electrical activity pulsing throughout your brain. Just a second or two before a burst of impulsive behavior, neurons fire in a small region of your brain. With Wellgorithms, you’ll learn how to recognize, direct and redirect deep-rooted emotional and psychological patterns. 


The branches of INNERCOSMOS

your chunks

In cognitive psychology, chunking is a process by which individual pieces of information are bound together into a meaningful whole. You increase INNERCOSMOS by learning how to “chunk” your emotions. In your garden, these chunks become branches, and ultimately, fruit.

your patterns

Alex Pentland of MIT explains, “We are coming to realize that human behavior is determined as much by the patterns of our culture as by rational, individual thinking.” In this module we’ll explore the exciting new psychology of social patterns, and how you can use them to build your mind garden.


The fruits of INNERCOSMOS

your community

You may feel overwhelmed at first, as you build your new virtual mind garden. But you will not be alone. You’ll have a safe a space for generating new conversations, getting support, and inspiring transformative change. Here we’ll explore how INNERCOSMOS is tool that benefits both individuals and communities. 

your feedback

An essential ingredient of any wellbeing program is a feedback loop, with metrics, performance assessments, and personalizable tracks. Following up on part 2 of Module 2, you’ll go deeper into assessments, and choose a INNERCOSMOS mastery track that feels right for you. 



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