"We're building the Minecraft of mental health."

Martin Butterfly

Martin Butterfly

inventor, architect

Hello fellow gardeners! I am Martin, a veteran of the U.S. Army (11th ACR), and a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, with honors in electrical and computer engineering. I’ve held management positions at Intel, HSBC Bank, and Bachrach. 

A number of events motivated me to leave the corporate world and invent a new platform blending software with “soulware” — a life-threatening illness, my brother’s suicide, and a world that’s lost its way, You can read my story HERE

Valerie Kirschenbaum

educator, community builder

Hello fellow gardeners. I’m so excited to be an integral part of this journey!  

My name is Valerie Kirschenbaum and I’m passionate about dogs, fitness, and the use of technology to become the best version of ourselves. I am enthusiastic to discover how future tech intersects with the harvesting of community. 

I’ve devoted my 30-year teaching career to serving inner city school children, mostly in the South Bronx, NY. 

Connie McNeil, PhD


Hello fellow gardeners! My name is Connie McNeil. I am the author of Co-Creating, a guide to achieving the life of your dreams, the Co-Creating Workbook, and the Co-Creating Oracle/Affirmation Cards.

For over 20 years I have worked as a clinical psychologist and am a firm believer that this sacred garden is a dynamic tool for overall health. I have had the privilege of knowing the master gardener for many years and can tell you that this garden has been developed with love and a deep desire to spread health and well-being worldwide.

Aura De Los Santos

psychologist, educator

Hello fellow gardeners! My name is Aura De Los Santos and I am a clinical psychologist. I have worked in the mental health field and education for over eight years. I love to help clients  overcome issues that affect their mental health, and to educate them on the different aspects of their wellbeing.

I am so fascinated and excited to be a “midwife” to the world’s first Virtual Mind Garden. We are “gardeners” — the ones in charge of the things we cultivate and fruits we harvest. And now it’s more than a metaphor — it’s real! 

Sumit Sharma

Sr. Frontend Developer, WordPress Expert

Hello fellow gardeners! My name is Sumit Sharma. I am a WordPress Frontend Developer, Founder of HTML SWIFT, and over 9+ Years of working experience in building and managing websites.

I love to create websites and help the world make their Website’s UI user-friendly, cross-browser, cross-device compatible, and easy to navigate.

Naveen Giri

Sr. Backend Developer, WordPress Expert

Hello fellow gardeners.

I am a WordPress Development Expert with more than 8+ Years of experience. I also contribute to WordPress code and the code of many other popular plugins. I am working currently as top-rated Developer on Upwork and Top 3% Freelance talent over Toptal.

Brian Tracy says, “Your Mind is like a garden – If you do not cultivate flowers, weeds will grow up without any encouragement at all.”

I am happy to contribute to this change and become part of the Gardeners’ growing family and team..

Dan Manson


Hello fellow gardeners!  My name is Dan Manson and I’ve been treating addiction to drugs and alcohol for over 26 years. I’m a trained clinician and operator of treatment facilities and have witnessed thousands of people recover from substance abuse issues.  
I’m very excited to take mental health healing into the metaverse.  The soothing and healing effect that comes from cultivating a garden can be expressed digitally, yet the brain can respond the same way.  I am passionate about the possibilities of Expanded Behavioral Therapy and the breakthroughs that patients will receive from skilled guidance to overcome mental traumas.
I look forward to helping many more people heal with this amazing new technology!

Kristen Fescoe

psychologist, educator

Hello fellow gardeners! I am Kristen, an I/O Psychologist with a Master’s of Science in Psychology and over 12 years of experience as a business consultant. I love to dive deep into research, both in a lab and online and create insightful personality assessments, client assessments, persona’s, behavioral analyses and audience reports. I am also the Director of Audience Insights at Connexio Health.

I am the proud Mom of two daughters and a son, wife to Brian and an active member at Saint Isaac Jogues Parish in New Jersey.



Announcements coming soon

The metaverse is the hottest field in tech in a generation. Check back for some exciting news. 


Announcements coming soon

The metaverse is the hottest field in tech in a generation. Check back for some exciting news. 


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