Everyone from neuroscientists to poets say your mind is like a garden. But no one ever dreamed you could nourish it in 3D ... until now.

(inner) is the world's first virtual mind garden and a new model of mental health in the metaverse.

the new tools of psychology —


What makes it possible to “garden” your mind in 3D is a unique new blend of wellness and algorithms — Wellgorithms.

Once the skillset of an elite few — athletes, grandmasters, musicians, and peak performers — Wellgorithms help you “level up” your emotional skills, in ways not possible until now.

Some emotions are like weeds. Some are like seeds, roots, or flowers. With Wellgorithms, you can weed out those unwanted emotions … plant seeds of peace and joy ... and harvest your better self in abundance.


Choose your landscape. Some journeys start in the dark. Others, in the desert .Others, on the mountaintop. Every journey is unique.


Set your intention. Do you want to seed positive thoughts? Weed out negative emotions? Water your new self?


Face the obstacles. You’ll come to a door, a brick wall, or a thick bed of ivy. Time to heal those old wounds … or bring closure to a bad experience.

41 DIG

Play the ultimate mind game — dig for a more empowering perspective. And then “replace the thought” with seeds of any thought or emotion you desire.


Speak when stuck. Use proven journaling techniques to understand yourself and situation at a new level. Earn awareness points.


Activate the feedback loop. Get insightful feedback from the AI, including personalized recommendations and areas for improvement.

A flexible architecture.
Just like your psyche.

Wellgorithms build on generations of neuroscience, psychology spirituality, and deliberate practice. If there’s anything we can conclude, it’s this: you have your own unique garden … and your own unique path to wisdom and mastery.

Wellgorithms give you a flexibile architecture that puts you in charge of your garden. You have more than 500 paths, action steps, and wellbeing tools to choose from.

Mix and match. Pioneer a new path. Explore. Nourish. Grow.


Harvest the rewards. Celebrate your progress. Share the unique nourishments of wisdom that only you can share.

design your


(inner)Gardening is a new field, a new frontier for the human psyche. You’ll discover a new language, a new dimension of thoughts and feelings that comes alive in 3D. You are no longer limited by gravity, and can “time travel” between your emotions. You can mulch the past, prune the present, and seed the future — all in a single session in VR.







The Problem:

Snakes are invading your garden.

Anxiety drives our economy. Algorithms profit from our pain. And the social media landscape seems to have one mission —
to rob you of your wellbeing.

There's an antidote for this toxicity. A healing balm shared by all cultures throughout the ages. It's the way of the garden. The way of seeding, watering, weeding, mulching, and harvesting the fruit of the spirit.

WELLGORITHMS help you ...


Mulch your frustrations

Every journey starts with a decision. What emotions no longer serve you? It’s time to mulch them in VR. Let go of your fears, anxieties, and frustrations in ceremonial rituals you can do by yourself … or in community.


Level up your mind

Sometimes life is an uphill battle … and you can’t move to a higher level of mastery without the right tools. The wheel barrow helps you bear the weight of those heavier emotions … and travel further than you ever dreamed possible.


Water your reserves

When your flowers are thirsty you give them water. Likewise, when your emotional reserves run dry, it’s time to till your inner soil. Grab the watering can, the rake, and the hoe ... and nourish the landscape inside.


Harvest fruit of the spirit

Your brain has a built-in negativity bias. It's like a rodent that never sleeps. But you also have the "fruit of the spirit" wired within you — peace, love, joy, gratitude, kindness, humility, patience, self control. Each time you do a Wellgorithm, it's like plucking a piece of fruit from your spiritual tree.

a sneak peak inside your


(video coming 8/31)

Best Emotional Practices

Each Wellgorithm is a
journey into the mind of a master gardener —
a way to share "best emotional practices."

Whether a friend, a teacher, a bestselling author, a therapist, Maya Angelou, Gandhi, or Nelson Mandela, you choose the gardener and emotional skill you want to model. Then you follow a personalized path, pausing for questions, practices and reflections along the way.

As you advance to higher levels,
you can create your own Wellgorithms
and share the wisdom that is uniquely yours.

"Our journey is not to visit strange lands," said Proust,
"but to possess other eyes, to see through the eyes of a hundred others,
and to see the hundred universes that each of them sees."

This is the great promise of expanded reality —
to give us the power to see and empathize with a million eyes.

Humanity has advanced miraculously on the outside.
Now we're advancing just as miraculously on the inside.

We're birthing not just a metaverse,
but an (inner)Verse.

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the neuroscience of

mind gardening

We often hear that your mind is like a computer.
But recent neuroscience is finding that
your mind is more like a garden.

inside your NeuroGarden

  • The dendrites

    and axons in your brain grow according to the same 3 mathematical laws as plants.
  • microglia cells

    have their own “pruning and weeding” system.
  • Your brain

    “fertilizes” itself through a process of neurogenesis.
  • neural networks

    have their own “patches of territory.”
  • Scientists

    call special BDNF proteins your “Miracle-Grow.”
  • Low levels

    of BDNF are believed to cause depression.
  • Dendrite

    in Latin means tree.

You’ve been a gardener since you were born. You have a in-built synaptic pruning system. And now you can prune your thoughts and emotions to increase wellbeing.

The first task of Adam and Eve in their earthly garden was to name things. “So they gave names to all the livestock, the birds in the sky and all the wild animals.”

With science, we find ourselves in a Second Garden — a vast new frontier of the psyche. And once again, we are giving new names to things, this time to the thousands of sensations and subtleties inside.

To navigate their outer worlds, the Eskimos, Inuit and Sami people created hundreds of words for snow. Likewise, to navigate our inner worlds, we are birthing thousands of new sequences — which we call Wellgorithms.

new words


new metaphors


The "mind as machine" metaphor sparked the Enlightenment and the marvels of modern technology. But we're in the midst of an extraordinary shift — from mechanistic metaphors to ecology metaphors. The "mind as garden" metaphor is opening a new frontier, with:

  • growteins

    to build courage and resilience
  • thriller cells

    to spark your enthusiasm
  • mood plasma

    to balance the highs and lows
  • pep guides

    to stay focused in tough times
  • amenable acids

    to deepen your relationships
  • double Healix

    for deep cleansing and healing

"Language is becoming the joystick by which we control everything," says Aza Raskin.

Anything you can imagine, you can create. You can even say to the AI: "Show me my better angels!

Expanded Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) emerged during the 1960’s and was a giant step forward. But that was over 50 years ago. Now we’re birthing a new field — Expanded Behavioral Therapy.

XBT builds on recent advances from conceptual learning to experiential learning, and from psychotherapy to psychosensory therapy.

As you move your body, and create beautiful gardens with your hands, you program your subconscious mind to believe that you can fertilize your (inner).

Best of all, you can invite friends, family and coworkers to into your garden with you. You can also give your therapist a special private access key. She can help you spot distortions, establish accountability metrics, and develop action-steps to help you flourish inside.

master your innerSelf at


By 2030, millions of designers will be creating billions of new Virtual Mind Gardens. People from around the world will be creating and sharing the wisdom that is uniquely theirs.

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